Connelly School of the Holy Child

The team’s commitment to quality and understanding of all the aspects of a cohesive design made them a great partner in guiding us through the financial, functional, and aesthetic goals of the project. They were excellent stewards of our money, steadfastly adhering to strict budget constraints and operational issues. The open communication between all parties, critical to any project’s success, was masterfully handled. The high standards brought to bear on this, one of our school’s most ambitious building efforts, made the process from inception to completion a model for the future.
— Maureen Appel, Headmistress, Connelly School of the Holy Child


Potomac, MD


48,000 sf middle school
6,000 sf chapel
Neil T. Coakley stadium & field


Owner: Connelly School of the Holy Child
Architect: Flanagan Architects


National Eagle Award, ABC
Excellence in Construction, ABC


Images: © Jeffrey Sauers

Your commitment to meeting the schedule and budget despite the difficult site logistics and weather were exceptional. The painstaking care and endless enthusiasm are evident in every aspect of the quality and workmanship. Coakley & Williams’ consistent expectation of excellence is unmatched in my experience. It has been a pleasure working with you and I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate on future projects.
— Thomas D. Flanagan, AIA, Principal, Flanagan Architects

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