St. Mary of Sorrows Church

The Saint Mary of Sorrows Catholic Church project is over 15,000 sf of new construction in Fairfax, VA. A goal of the church’s community for almost 20 years, the new Church boasts a Nave with 40’ ceilings, seating for 1,000 parishioners, a partial basement, and second story choir loft.

This project includes delicate earthwork to maintain tree preservation areas that surround the project site. The building Portico features load-bearing 16’ limestone pilasters which frame the entrance of the building. The Nave is lined with 5’ tall pendant light fixtures which hang below an intricately finished ceiling. The length of the Nave features ornately capped columns which highlight the large arches and clerestory windows. The Sanctuary at the West end of the building features a custom made Altar of Sacrifice imported from Italy.


Fairfax, VA


15,285 sf


Owner: The Most Reverend Michael F. Burbidge Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Arlington, Virginia and His Successors in Office
Architect: McCrery Architects

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Breaking Ground at St. Mary of Sorrows Church

Image: © McCrery Architects