PEPCO Waterfront Substation

Washington, DC

The new Pepco Waterfront Substation was delivered as a Design-Build contract under a partnership of ABB and Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc. ABB was the primary contract holder responsible for managing the infrastructure and equipment needed for the new 230-138/13.8kV operation. Coakley & Williams Construction provided Design-Build services for the sitework and building that houses the substation. Significant acoustical, sustainable, historic and landscape requirements were needed to make this project a success.

The sitework included remediation of soil containing residual gasoline contamination and PAH contamination. The total cost for remediation of contaminated soil was $5,162,000. The project was completed in three phases. The first phase was site preparation and design, to perform environmental impact evaluations, assessments, and studies, and demolition of the existing site infrastructure. The second phase included regulatory authorization and zoning, with both the BZA and DC Public Service Commission having already ruled in favor of this project. The final phase was the actual construction of the substation, transmission, and distribution lines, a phase that was subdivided into three separate pieces and time frames for this project. The indoor substation will have an ultimate capacity of 350 Megavolt-Amperes (MVA) to accommodate the area’s projected long-term growth. The building’s aesthetics and architectural features are meant to seamlessly tie into the neighborhood setting.

The new substation building includes façade materials of precast panels, metal panels, masonry and traditional brick detailing with large windows. Through variation in massing, materials and building heights the substation blends seamlessly with the variety of streetscapes surrounding the site.


93,419 sf


Owner: PEPCO
Architect: MGMA
Joint Venture Partner: ABB


Excellence in Construction, ABC

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Images: © Sisson Studios