Potomac School

Working at a school, especially while it’s operating, is always a special challenge; and, having been through eight middling to large construction projects in my 27 years here at Potomac, it is not a challenge that all construction companies necessarily master or excel at. I can say, unequivocally, that Coakley & Williams “shone” throughout virtually all phases of planning, preconstruction, phasing, building, owner coordination and communication punch and close out...Everyone we came in contact with from your side was endlessly responsive, always flexible, totally honest and forthright (important because the news can’t always be good!), sensitive to our needs and wants, fiscally and morally accountable and frankly just very able...You should be proud of the job you and your company performed here. We genuinely look forward to a continued productive and intimate relationship.
— Perry Swope, Facilities & Projects Director, The Potomac School


McLean, VA


108,500 sf (upper school)
41,000 sf (lower school)
21,000 sf (admin building)
27,200 sf (intermediate school)


Owner: Potomac School
Owner's Rep: JFW
Architect: cox graae + spack


Excellence in Construction, ABC Ches.
Award of Merit, AIA
Award of Excellence, NAIOP VA



© cox graae+spack

cox graae + spack architects had the pleasure of working with Coakley & Williams...Throughout the process everyone with whom we worked from Coakley & Williams was focused on providing a very high quality product while delivering the project on time and on schedule. The success of the project was due in large part to Coakley & Williams commitment to working as a member of a team with the Owner, Owner’s Representative and the Architect from preconstruction through project completion. I look forward to working together again with the Coakley & Williams team on future projects.
— Joanna Schmickel, AIA, Principal, cox graae + spack architects

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