Montgomery County Animal Shelter

I wanted to take a few minutes to compliment your project team for their fine work in completing the work. Although it appears to be a fairly straight forward project initially, it is actually very complicated due to the regulations relating to the animal care and human life safety, to the complex HVAC system and ventilation requirements, and to the security aspects required by the police presence. The County added several major pieces to the project, and your team integrated them smoothly with minimum effect on the overall schedule for completion. We are grateful for your efforts and we are proud of the new building.
— Michael Proffitt, Principal, Proffitt & Assoc. Architects


Gaithersburg, MD


46,878 sf


Owner: Montgomery County
Architect: Proffitt & Associates Architects


Project of the Year, ABC Chesapeake
Excellence in Construction, ABC Metro
Excellence in Construction, ABC Chesapeake


Images: © Jeffrey Sauers

I would like to take this opportunity to tell you how pleased we are with Coakley & Williams Construction, Inc. and the services you provided on the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. On behalf of the MC Department of General Services, we are very proud of the new MC Animal Shelter building and if it was not for you and your team, we would not have been able to get this project done as successfully as we had.
— Anjali Gulati, Project Manager, Senior Architect, Montgomery County Department of General Services

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