Topping Out at The Potomac School New Center for Athletics and Community


We celebrated a huge milestone at our newest project for The Potomac School in McLean, Virginia.

The Coakley & Williams Construction team gathered around the steel beam in the topping out celebration at the new Center for Athletics and Community and signed their name before watching it go up in the air. Joining us were Cannon Design, Vika, The Stone House Group, Lee and Associates, Hardesty Concrete, JP Construction, Freestate Electrical, Pillar, S.A. Halac Iron Works, and many more. There are over 285 workers on this project.

Potomac School 02

We honored our Subcontractors who have shown excellence on this project.

We also celebrated working over 75,610 hours with no safety incidents.

Potomac School 03

Our project team looked up as the last steel beam was placed upon the structure, the marking of a milestone.

Over 225 tons of steel were used for the new Center for Athletics and Community and we have worked over 25,764 hours to date.


Mission BBQ came right on time to give us a delicious feast as the grand finale of this milestone celebration.